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Our Top 10 Benefits of Lubing Up!

Feb 28, 2024

Our Top 10 Benefits of Lubing Up! - Shopping & Things
Our Top 10 Benefits of Lubing Up! - Shopping & Things

If you’ve never considered using lube during your sexual experiences, it’s time to rethink! A superior quality sex lubricant not only increases your pleasure during sex but also plays a key role in your overall sexual health & wellness. Read on to discover our Top 10 Benefits of Lubing Up & unlock the power lube can play in your pleasure & protection💦

First things first, we need to address a couple of old-school myths that are still commonly believed by both men & women about natural female lubrication. The first myth that needs busting to smithereens is that if a woman gets wet naturally, it’s a definite sign she is sexually aroused & ready to go. And on the flip side, is that if a woman does not get wet down there, it means she’s not turned on or isn’t enjoying the experience. Both statements are simply not true, & for as long as we continue to believe them, there will be damaging & dangerous consequences for women & our relationships.

The truth is simple – natural lubrication does happen in the absence of arousal & is by no means a signal of consent. Hormonal changes & ovulation can increase the amount of fluid your vagina produces, even an intense workout can cause sweat & oil glands to produce higher levels of natural wetness. Equally so, there’s an extensive list of reasons why you may have experienced vaginal dryness, even in moments when you are mentally ready to get hot & heavy! Things like medication, mental health, hormone levels, being a smoker, if you’re postpartum or in menopause all affect your body’s natural lube production & is not something to be ashamed about.

So, whether you’re a gushing kinda gal, or you could use a helping hand (or vibrator) to turn on the water works, incorporating the right kind of lube into your sex life can work wonders! That's where our range of 100% natural water-based lubes comes in! Using a personal sex lube can greatly enhance your sexual pleasure & offers some great health benefits too. Here are our Top 10 Benefits of Lubing Up & why the right lube is a must-have in every woman's pleasure arsenal.

1 - Increased Comfort & Reduced Friction

One of the primary reasons to use lube is to increase your comfort during sexual activities. Lube provides a smooth & slippery surface, which reduces friction & makes penetration easier & more pleasurable. As we have already cleared up, vaginal dryness is common & can be caused by many distinct factors & using a lube is particularly helpful for women who experience this.

2 - Enhanced Sensation & Pleasure

Lube isn't just about reducing discomfort, but it can also heighten your pleasure during sex & foreplay. The slippery texture of a superior quality lube can intensify sensations, making every touch & movement even more pleasurable. Whether you're using it during solo play or with a partner, lube can take your pleasure to new heights.

3 - Exploration & Experimentation

Introducing lube into your bedroom activities opens up a world of possibilities for exploration & experimentation. It can be used with sex toys, during anal play (check out this specially formulated anal lube), or to try new positions. Lube allows for smoother & more comfortable insertion, making it easier to explore different types of pleasure & discover what works best for you. If you are going to use lube with your sex toy, make sure you know the material of your sex toy to ensure it’s compatible with the type of lube you are using. Water-based lubes & silicone-based lubes are safe to use with all My Pleasure’s silicone sex toyswhile oil-based lubes may damage your silicone toy over time.

4 - Safe & Condom-Compatible (except for oil-based lubes)

Lube is not only a tool for enhancing pleasure or decreasing discomfort, but it also actually increases your safety during sexual activities. Due to the reduction in friction, the chance of a condom tearing or breaking during sex is less, improving the overall effectiveness of the condom. Lube also provides an added layer of protection for you, decreasing the chance of broken or irritated skin which can lead to infections. Remember to only use water-based & silicone-based lubes with condoms, as oil-based lubes can break down their latex properties.

5 - Breaking Taboos & Empowering Women

At My Pleasure, we believe in breaking taboos around female pleasure & empowering women to embrace their sexuality. Using lube is a powerful way to challenge societal norms & take control of your own pleasure. By incorporating lube into your sexual experiences, you're sending a message that your pleasure matters & should be prioritised.

6 - Overcoming Challenges

During those moments when our body is not quite cooperating as we'd like it to, lube is the perfect solution. Using lube can help overcome the normal, everyday challenges we face due to stress, hormonal changes, or medications to ensure we can still enjoy pleasurable & satisfying sexual experiences. No woman should have to miss out on pleasure just because of a little dryness!

7 - Variety & Fun

Let's face it, sex should be fun! Using lube adds an element of excitement & variety to your intimate moments. With several types of lubes available, like our water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, or a CBD-Infused lube, you can choose the one that suits your vibe to add a touch of playfulness to your encounters. Experimenting with different lubes can be a fun & adventurous journey for couples as it encourages communication, exploration, & mutual discovery of what brings pleasure to each partner.

8 - Improving Intimacy & Communication

Introducing lube into your sexual routine can improve intimacy & communication with your partner. It shows that you prioritise your own pleasure & that you're open to deepening the connection with your partner. By starting the discussion of using lube, you're fostering a safe & open environment to explore each other's desires. Emphasising the importance of open communication & mutual consent fosters a healthier & more fulfilling sexual relationship.

9 - Post-Menopausal Comfort

Menopause can bring about changes in a woman's body, including vaginal dryness. Using lube can provide much-needed relief & comfort during this stage of life as it allows post-menopausal women to continue enjoying sexual intimacy without discomfort or pain. Products like our Soothing Gel are also a wonderful way to stay comfortable during this phase of life, even when you're not engaging in sexual activities.

10 - Self-Care & Self-Love

Using lube is an act of self-care & self-love. It's about prioritising your pleasure & taking the time to ensure that you have the most enjoyable experiences possible. By incorporating lube into your sexual routine, you're showing yourself the love & care you deserve. But it’s not just about sex – using products like our Application Gel or Soothing Gel for extra everyday comfort will make you feel amazing, & your vagina will thank you for it!

Now you know using lube is not only beneficial, but essential for enhancing pleasure & empowering women, shop our range of water-based, all natural lubes today, or contact us if you need any further information.

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